Raider Six Mobile Game: Story line, Release Date, Features & More

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Raider Six Game: Raider Six is an Indian battle royale action mobile game developed by Starlight Gaming which is scheduled to Release on July 4, 2023. Conventional energy sources on the planet will run out in 2048, and there is an ongoing struggle over the use of Element U. Recently discovered renewable energy source. The world’s entire supply of this element is kept in Area 6, where the Guardians guard its safety. A deadly biological weapon attack destroys Area 6, creating the Pandora virus, which eventually mutates all soldiers and Guardians.

As a raider, it is now your duty to plunder Element U as the future of the planet depends on you. Save the world by keeping faith in your allies and fighting bravely!

Raider Six is an Indian battle royale action mobile game developed by Starlight Gaming and released on 4th July 2023.

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Article TypeRaider Six Game Release date
Name of GameRaider SIX Mobile
CompanyStarlight Gaming India Private Ltd.
PublisherStarlight Gaming
Size789 MB
PlatformPlay Store, Apple Store
Release Date04 Jul, 2023
Last Updated5 July, 2023

Key Features of Raider Six Game

raider six game

1- Objective-based Battle Royale

Element U is one of the most valuable documents in the game, that’s why you are in this dangerous battlefield. Your primary objective in this volleyball world is to loot as many relics as possible and obtain Element U.

2- Advanced weapon systems

Synthesize advanced and more powerful weapons. Get special gun skins near weekly and monthly battles. Advise your opponents to use special grenades to make chickens or make them dance.

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3- Trading System in the R6 Universe

Players are free to expand their arsenal by selling ads throughout the Market and from Area #6 at a discount. Became a wise business and this opportunity to trade on the battlefield was not to be missed

4- Revive yourself

With the revival feature in Raider Six, death isn’t the end in this narcotic realm. Brace yourself for the injection or retrieve it for vengeance!

5- Defeat and tame monsters

Hunt and defeat giant monsters. Attack your allies’ allies and wreak havoc on enemy targets.

6- Ride your way

Ride horses, fly helicopters, or battle in tanks. Ride your way in Area #6

Raider SIX minimum system requirements

  • Requires a stable internet connection.
  • At least 1.5 GB RAM & Android 5.0 or higher


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