Name of Raider SIX Game Owner -Raider SIX Mobile Owner Name?

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Raider SIX Mobile Owner Name: Hi Guys, ever since the name of Raider SIX Mobile game has become public, many people want to know the name of the Owner of Raider SIX Mobile. In today’s Article, I am going to give you all the information about the owner of Raider SIX Mobile, so read this Article completely.

If you want to know more about Raider 6 and also love Raider SIX Game then you must know about it. Because every fan should know about the history of the Raider SIX Mobile, therefore, they can relate to it better than any other gamer.

Who is The Owner Of Raider SIX Mobile

Starlight Gaming, India’s first studio has announced its first title ‘Raider SIX Mobile’ (Raider 6), a battle royale game set in India. The game promises to be set in India with the characters and storyline, with some interesting characters related to the stories of India.

Raider SIX Mobile Owner Name

About this Game Laveesh Pandey, CEO, Starlight Gaming, “We are developing the story of Raider SIX in such a way that it offers the thriller of Bollywood rivalry gangster in a battle royale format. Raider SIX Game’s owner Name is Starlight Gaming.

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We are gamers and we love games. We want to build characters, stories, narratives and worlds that gamers will love for decades to come. Arm yourself tight as we are in gaming heaven on a rocketship, full of Starlight Gaming.

About Raider SIX Mobile Game

The battle Royale action mobile game specially designed for Indian Gamers who enjoy action games is called Raider Six. This thrilling game introduces a captivating Indian war scenario along with a variety of Indian characters, the first time such components have been included in the genre.

Raider SIX Mobile Owner Name

Raider Six is an Indian battle Royale mobile action game developed by Starlight Gaming, released on 4 July 2023. Conventional energy sources on the planet will run out in 2048, and there is an ongoing struggle over the use of Element U. Recently discovered renewable energy source. The world’s entire supply of this element is kept in Area 6, where the Guardians guard its safety. A deadly biological weapon attack destroys Area 6, creating the Pandora virus, which eventually mutates all soldiers and Guardians.


I hope, you can know about Who is The Owner Of Raider SIX Mobile completely, If you have any questions regarding this then comment below I will help you. Also, save our website for future Update.


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